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DITYMoveCalculator.net was created to help military members and their dependents calculate the allowances and expenses of a CONUS-CONUS PCS move when driving from base to base. This site is not endorsed by the government or military. If you have any suggestions on how I can make this calculator better, comment below or email me at jake@ditymovecalculator.net!

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25 thoughts on “DITY Move and PPM Calculator”

  1. This is a great site and is much more helpful than my local TMO. Thanks for putting this together and keeping it updated!

    1. Unfortunately no. Recreational Vehicles (to include a camper, camping trailer , 5th wheel camper or self- propelled recreational
      vehicle) are not considered as HHG so you can’t get reimbursed for moving them.

  2. So we’re getting ready to move in a few months and we’re not sure if we want to do a DITY this time (our last move we lost so much due to hot hands movers). So our new duty station is about 845 miles away and my husband is a 04. We do have 3 kids and a ton of stuff. with that being said we’re thinking of doing a ABF move.. has anybody ever done that? i was told we can claim that for a DITY but was hoping to hear if anybody here has. also do you really make more with DITY then partial DITY?

    1. Lauren,

      I don’t know anyone who has used ABF but I don’t see why you couldn’t use them. You would just have to see how much they will charge and decide if you will make enough money (using this calculator) to cover the costs. A partial DITY just means that you only move some of your stuff while the Air Force (or whatever branch) moves the rest. That being said, the more weight you move yourself, the more money you could potentially make.

  3. we already received about 4000 for malt/dla before we moved. is it still possible to get back 4k for our partial ppm with 1200 nontaxable expenses on our 5100lb.

    1. If you are asking if you could receive another $4k from moving 5100 lbs of stuff it’s definitely possible. I would estimate somewhere around there.

      1. Do you know what the difference of income between full and partial dity might be for an E7? We are trying to figure out if a full dity will make us much more $

        1. Sam,

          It all depends on how much stuff you can fit in your car. If you estimate $1/lb and you take 500 lbs of stuff in your car and the mover takes the rest, you would make around $500 for moving the HHG. Does that make sense?

  4. what should I figure as a rough estimate that I will get back?
    High / low figure or estimated profit figure?

    I dont know which one is important and why. …. what’s the difference between the h/l and estimated profit.

    trying to inter in all my info and see what I might get back.

    1. I would figure halfway between the high/low figures for a rough estimate. I would love to be able to provide an accurate estimate but there’s so many variables the DoD uses in calculating reimbursement rates and the market changes so frequently that it’s almost impossible.

  5. How long do I have before it’s too late to turn in the weigh ticket? Unfortunately, they didn’t sign it the first time and I wasn’t able to get back to that weigh station until 2 years later. Is it still possible to get paid?

    1. There are many variables to figure out exactly how much you’ll get for moving your own stuff. Things like time of year and how much the gov’t is willing to pay a commercial carrier are two big variables. The high and low estimates provide a general range of what you may receive. I wish I could get it more accurate but it changes so often it’s almost impossible.

    1. Well, DLA isn’t allowed for a separation PCS, but I believe MALT is.
      Maybe you could add a check box for whether it is a separation PCS or not?

    2. Thanks! Interesting question. You won’t receive DLA when separating…However, if you are separating under honorable conditions and not receiving separation pay you will receive travel allowances (which includes MALT I believe, and HHG) from the last duty station to the home of record (HOR) or place where you entered active duty (PLEAD), whichever is greater. Check out section 5004 in the Joint Travel Regulations (http://www.defensetravel.dod.mil/Docs/perdiem/JTR.pdf) to make sure I’m not misreading something!

  6. I think another good idea to post on here is how to properly use TLE when moving. I”m digging in the regulations and talking to finance but I’m pretty sure that you get both lodging and Meals for your locality that you are using the TLE (10 days on the front/back end). Any light you can shed on this would be great for everyone. Excellent site and thank you for being selfless and taking the time to assist others in the various services.

    1. Thank you…I will definitely write a blog post on TLE – I agree it would be beneficial. Glad you found the site helpful!

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