Calculating DITY Move Weight Rates

money-coinsIf you are moving all or any of your own stuff (Household Goods aka HHG), whether using your own vehicle or using a rental vehicle, you are entitled to HHG reimbursement. You will get reimbursed at 95% of what it would cost the government to move that stuff for you. What it would cost the government to move that stuff for you is highly dependent on how much a contracted moving company would charge. DITY move weight rates for household goods also change quarterly. For this reason, it’s difficult to get an accurate estimation.

In any case, DPS (Defense Personal Property System) should be used prior to PCS to get an “official” estimate. TMO will help you with the DPS process before you move. Note DPS does not take eligible expenses into account. Another way you can get estimates is by going to moving companies websites, getting a couple quotes and then calculating 95% of that for HHG reimbursement before tax.

  • For my 2015 PCS move from Hill AFB, UT to Vandenberg AFB, CA I received approximately $1058 (after tax of 25%) for moving ~2300 lbs of stuff. This comes out to about $0.46/lb. If you don’t take into account the tax deduction from the ~$520 of eligible expenses (rental truck and boxes) I had, the rate would then be ~$0.40/lb. In my case, DPS estimated I’d receive $1725 for 2200 lbs (my initial weight estimate) before tax. That comes out to $1293.75 if you assume a 25% tax rate, which comes out to about $0.59/lb.
  • My friend, who PCS’d from Hill to Schriever AFB, CO around the same time frame received approximately $815 for moving ~1260 lbs of stuff (with no eligible expenses). This comes out to about $0.65/lb after tax, a significantly higher payout rate than what I received.
  • Recently (April 2016) a coworker of mine went through DPS and came up with a rate of $0.95/lb. He is moving ~13,000 lbs of HHG. This says to me that rates, for whatever reason, have recently increased pretty dramatically.

For the purposes of this calculator, I used $0.40/lb for the low end of the range and $1/lb for the high end. This number is then multiplied by the weight entered in the “HHG weight” box. The eligible expenses entered in the “Expenses” form are then subtracted to take into account the tax deduction. This remaining amount is then multiplied by 0.75 to take into account a 25% tax rate. This final numbers are what you see in the “Reimbursement for movement of HHG” boxes in the “Allowances” form.

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