DITY Move Pros and Cons

suitcaseSo you are up for a PCS and you have to decide how to move all your stuff to your new base. Well, you really have three options:

  1. You can have the military move everything for you
  2. You can have the military move some of your stuff and you move some of your stuff
  3. Or you can move it all yourself

Generally, here’s when it makes sense to do each:

Full military move

  • You have a lot of stuff (4000+ lbs)
  • You want to do as little work as possible
  • You want time to do house hunting before your things arrive

Partial DITY move

  • You want the military to move just the big stuff
  • You want to get reimbursed for moving what you can fit in your car

Full DITY move

  • You don’t have that much stuff (under 4000 lbs)
  • You want to potentially make a profit for moving your own stuff
  • You are a DIY’er
  • You’re not comfortable with the military movers potentially breaking your things
  • You have a truck/trailer or don’t mind renting one

If you are like me, you chose to do it all yourself. If you play your cards right you can make money doing a full DITY move. However, it’s not for everyone and there are a few downsides.

Remember, you will have to pack everything yourself, procure a moving truck or trailer of some kind if you have a good amount of stuff, load everything yourself, procure empty and loaded weight tickets, unload everything yourself, and fill out the necessary paperwork at your gaining based so you can get reimbursed.

Doing all this can induce quite a bit of stress and may not be worth it if you only make a few hundred bucks. You should definitely factor in your time and efforts when deciding between a full military move and full DITY move.

If you find that doing everything yourself will be too much of a headache, doing a partial DITY move may be right for you. This way you can still get reimbursed for the things you do move yourself and you can let the military movers worry about the big stuff.

No matter what you chose to do, do your research and carefully plan out each step of the move so you know what to expect. The more planning you do the higher chances of a successful PCS.

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