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If you don’t find the answer to your question below, here are two great resources to use. Everything should be able to be found in the Joint Travel Regulations, it’s just a matter of finding the right section and making sense of the language. If you can’t find your answer here, it’s a always a good idea to ask your finance or travel management office. If you still can’t find an answer, send me an email at and I’ll see if I can help!

–  JTR (Joint Travel Regulation) – The official source for all military travel regulations.

–  Defense Travel Site PCS FAQ

What is a DITY move?

A DITY (Do IT Yourself) move, now called a Personally Procured Move (PPM), is a type of PCS move in which you are reimbursed for moving part (partial DITY) or all (full DITY) of your own stuff, whether you’re using your own vehicle, a rental truck/vehicle, or borrowing someone else’s vehicle.

Will this calculator work for any PCS move?

This calculator only works for CONUS-CONUS PCS moves (Alaska included). If you are driving to your new base but the government is moving all of your stuff for you, the HHG Weight box, Reimbursement for Movement of HHG box, and some of the expenses boxes will not be applicable. But, you will still receive DLA and Per Diem and can use this calculator to find what you will get. This calculator is not meant for those who are traveling by commercial means (i.e. flying).

What allowances will I receive if I do a DITY move?

Most members will receive MALT (Monetary Allowance in Lieu of Transportation), Per Diem, and DLA (Dislocation Allowance). You will also be compensated for moving your own household goods, paid by the pound. Please see the explanations under each allowance in the “Allowances” section of the calculator for more information.

Does this calculator estimate reimbursement for moving household goods?

Yes. Enter your estimated weight (in pounds) of household goods that you will be moving in the HHG Weight box and see a rough estimate of the compensation you will receive in Reimbursement for Movement of HHG box. See the Calculating DITY Move Weight Rates blog post for information on how weight rates are calculated.

How accurate is this calculator?

The DLA, Per Diem, and MALT allowances are accurate down to the penny and are always kept up to date. The HHG Reimbursement estimate is a rough estimate and should only be taken as so.

Is it worth doing a DITY move?

In addition to the potential expenses listed in the expenses section, remember to account for your time spent organizing everything, properly packing everything, and moving all the boxes and furniture into the truck. If you still think the potential profit from a full DITY is worth it, then go for it! If not, you can always do a partial DITY and get reimbursed for just the stuff you move in your own car.

Will I get reimbursed for…

  • Staying at hotels?
    • Yes, per diem should cover hotel expenses; and you get to keep it even if you don’t actually stay at hotels.
  • Just driving even if I don’t move any of my own stuff?
    • Yes, you will still most likely get DLA, per diem, and MALT even if the government moves your stuff and you just drive to your new duty station.
  • A moving truck?
    • A rental car is considered a POV so you will get MALT to partially cover it but you will not get directly reimbursed for it.
  • Moving a trailer?
    • Yes, if the trailer “single axle, no more than 12 feet long or 8 feet wide, with side rails or body less than 28 inches high and ramp or gate less than 4 feet high unless detachable. For civilian employees, vehicles other than a POV must be of reasonable size and fit into a moving van. ”
  • HHG that is over my weight allowance?
    • No
  • Pro-gear? (Professional books, papers and equipment and required medical equipment)
    • Yes, up to 2,000 lbs in general. Pro-gear is not counted against your regular weight allowance. Pro-gear must be declared at the origin of shipment and must be documented.
  • An RV or mobile home?
    • Generally no. In certain situations you can elect to receive reimbursement for moving a mobile home instead of HHG. See Chapter 5 Part D in the JTR for more info.
  • A boat and trailer?
    • Yes
  • Towing another vehicle?
    • Possible, if you have dependents. See Chapter 5 Part E in the JTR for more info.
  • Towing a motorcycle?
    • Yes, a motorcycle is considered HHG.
  • Meals along the way?
    • Yes, per diem is meant to cover meals and hotels and is set at a flat rate.

When and where should I get the weight tickets?

For the Air Force, it should not matter when you get the weight tickets, so long as you get one for each empty vehicle and one for each fully loaded vehicle. You can get the empty one before packing the car or after unloading it, it is up to you which one you prefer. For other branches, there may be different requirements for how many weight tickets you need and when you need to submit them, so please check with your travel office. You can get the weight tickets at any certified vehicle weight scale. The most common are probably the CAT scales, which are located all over the U.S. To locate certified scales and to find more information on weight tickets, check out the weight tickets and weigh stations post.

I’m hiring a moving company to move my stuff, do I still need weight tickets?

First off, ask the moving company if they will be weighing your HHG. They may, and they may also provide you weight tickets at the end of the move. If not, they may go by cubic feet instead of weight. If this is the case, the government MAY use a constructed weight of 7 lbs per cubic foot to estimate the weight of HHG moved. You should always find out how weight estimation will work with a moving company before hiring them, and then check with your travel office to make sure you will get reimbursed for the HHG the company you hired is moving.

Can I get an advance of funds for a DITY/PPM?

The JTR states in paragraph 051307 that an amount of 60% of the PPM monetary allowance for HHG reimbursement is allowed when the service member moves his or herself. Since the rate for HHG reimbursement is always changing, you will need to talk to your travel office to find out exactly how much you can get.

63 Replies to “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. My husband is E3 and there is myself and three dependants (they are under 12). We got the “okay” to purchase a house in KS where he’ll be stationed at the end of his training in November. We are currently living near Luke, heading 1068 miles to McConnell. I have an SUV that my kids will be riding in (my parents will help drive) and I will be loading our 2 bedroom apartment into the uhaul and driving it. What do I need to do to make this happen properly.

    1. Amber,
      You’ll need weight tickets for the uhaul both full and empty so McConell can reimburse you properly for the weight you moved. You should also get weight tickets (empty and full) for the SUV so you can reimbursed for anything you take in that car as well. Your husband should get briefed before departing training on what paperwork he needs to fill out. Good luck with your move!

    1. From my experience you can weigh empty first then full or full first then empty. The key part is that you have both weight tickets when you in-process. I would save your toll receipts and gas receipts. They may not reimburse those anymore but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

  2. I own the trailer I’m using for the move. Do I get reimbursed for the weight of the trailer? i.e. do I weigh only my empty truck first…then load the vehicle and trailer. Hook up the trailer. Then weigh all of it for total weight moved? Or weigh the empty truck and trailer…then weigh full truck and trailer?

    1. Matthew,
      If your trailer fits the following description it is considered HHG and should be reimbursable; i.e. weigh just your truck first.

      “A utility trailer, with or without a tilt bed, with a single axle, and an overall length
      of no more than 12 feet (from rear to trailer hitch), and no wider than 8 feet (outside tire to outside
      tire). Side rails/ body no higher than 28 inches (unless detachable) and ramp/gate for the utility trailer
      no higher than 4 feet (unless detachable)”

  3. Can you do a partial dity from Hawaii and still receive entitlements such as hotel, food and gas reimbursements? For instance, I am currently stationed in Hawaii, but i have some items stored in Texas. If i fly into Texas and have my vehicle shipped to a port in Texas, could i conduct a partial dity from to DC and be reimburse?

    1. AJ, sorry for the late reply. I believe this is possible, it wouldn’t make any sense that you’d have to pay for that leg of the trip yourself. I’m not super familiar with (mostly) OCONUS moves but I hope it works out!

  4. Hello moving last minute need help calculating our cost! My husband is E3 it would be myself and my 1 year old son driving from Groton CT to Bangor Washington we have two cars we are thinking of getting a UHaul and towing one of the cars how would our reimbursement look driving 3100 miles full dity with Malt ,Per Diem ,DLA ? we have a little over 8000lbs that’s why we are doing a full dity we know our max is 8000lbs . Any help would be greatly appreciated !

    1. Hey Allison, really sorry for the late reply, hope your move went well!

  5. My husband and I are doing a Partial DITY from NC to Beale AFB, CA. The mileage from Seymour Johnson, AFB (nearest base) to Beale, AFB, CA is 2,723 miles. Based on this, how many travel days should we be authorized? We are coming from Kadena AFB and taking leave en route (circuitous travel). TMO authorized us for a partial dity, but our orders only show 2 travel days. After going back and forth with MPF and Finance neither can concur whether anything needs to be reflected on our orders for a partial DITY and travel days. Finance has told us that there’s nothing in the AFI to change travel days that “we’ll just be reimbursed because everyone is entitled to a partial DITY move”, but I do not believe the Air Force will reimburse us for a dity and not charge us leave if it’s not reflected on our orders. First PCS together also. Thank you!

    1. Anna, according to the Joint Travel Regulations you should be authorized 8 travel days. 2 travel days is pretty ridiculous to travel across the country. Are you going straight from Kadena to Beale and taking leave en route?

  6. I’m PCSing sometime in May, and I’m towing an SUV with the Uhaul on a trailer. I’m going to pack the SUV as full as I can to save space in the actual truck. How will this process work in term of weighing the car/trailer/HHG inside the car?

    1. That’s a tricky one. Normally, cars and trailers (over single axle and bigger than certain dimensions) don’t count towards your HHG. I would say ask them if you can submit weight tickets for the SUV (unloaded and loaded) along with weight tickets for the uhaul (unloaded and loaded) and hopefully they will be willing to add the two. Ultimately I think it’s up to your gaining travel office so I’d ask them.

    1. If you have a slip that has your weight and is signed by the weigh-master, they should accept it.

  7. Hello,
    My husband is in MOS school still. They have changed his graduation dates multiple times, so the first date we received I got a house and signed lease then they changed the date again. He hasn’t been able to see the TMO office during his classes, and hasn’t able to apply for the move yet and I am supposed to leave in 6 days! I need to know what to do. He has tried to apply online, but can’t figure it out. I’m at a point where I’m almost not gonna leave because we won’t be reimbursed. PLEASE HELP!

    1. Erin, I wouldn’t leave until your husband gets orders. That’s what officially says you are moving. Often times the military gives orders at the last minute. Talk to the person you signed the lease with and explain the situation. I’m sure they will be flexible. Good luck!

  8. We want to do a partial ppm to Alaska, do I get it right that if we drove with our own car (and towing a trailer) we only get MALT for gas and won’t get reimbursed for the gas we really needed ?
    I was reading on another site that we should keep all the receipts for gas , oil, toll fees etc because we get that all reimbursed?

    Also can we do the ppm and then get the 10 days of permissive tdy before we sign in at the new post or what would be the smartest way to do that ?

    Thank you

    1. Katrin,
      MALT is currently paid at $0.18 per mile. This is meant to compensate you for using your own car. You used to get reimbursed for gas and oil and tolls and all that but not anymore.
      However, this could have changed again so check with your travel office.
      As far as permissive, you HAVE to check in to your next duty station at the end of your travel days first. Then, your commander should sign off and give you permissive TDY for house hunting.

  9. If I am moving by myself (PPM) with a U-Haul truck and my car on a dolly, do I get MALT for the truck mileage? Thanks.

      1. My PCS manager is telling me I don’t get MALT for the rental truck and that I can only deduct the fuel from taxes. Can you tell me where I can find this? Thanks!

        1. 050203. POV
          A Service member or dependent who uses a POV may be authorized MALT. MALT is based on the
          official distance in par. 020204, when traveling on a PCS order between any of the official points
          specified in Table 2-2. A rental car used for PCS travel is considered a POV. Use the actual amount,
          without rounding, when computing MALT. See Chapter 2 for POV use to or from a transportation
          terminal or PDS, or miscellaneous reimbursable expenses associated with POV transportation.

  10. What entitlements do you receive when doing a partial DITY? Also if I’m allowed 7 days of travel according to the calculator and I make it in less than 7 days will get paid for all 7 or no? Secondly, would I get any other entitlements if I drive a rental truck and my wife drives our POV?

    1. 1) You should receive the same entitlements as a full DITY you just won’t get as much for the weight because you are moving less stuff yourself.
      2) If you check in to your next duty station in under 7 days you won’t receive pay for the days you didn’t use. So use all 7 if you want to.
      3) You will get MALT for another car if you drive a rental truck since rental vehicles are considered POV’s.

  11. We are PCSing OCONUS from CONUS. We decided to drive last minute to the base we are taking AMC from, however because it was so last minute, we didn’t set up PPM with TMO. Can we still claim the weight of all the baggages and what not in the car upon arriving to the new base?

    1. Good question, I would get weight tickets anyways and see if they will accept them when you arrive. I do know normally, you will get a travel voucher before you leave and since you probably don’t have that piece of paper they may not reimburse you. Also since you are flying the majority of the distance I’m not sure you can get reimbursed for driving…you’d have to call TMO.

  12. I’m doing a PCS move using Containers, I was told since I’m using containers I am not authorized an advance and I will only be reimbursed for what I actually spend and NOT the 95%!of what it would cost….

    Specifically, we’re moving about this 4,000lbs over 2,300 miles… the government’s cost is $4,100… U-Haul is charging me about $2,800 including moving help, my DPS counselor is saying I’ll on,y get the $2,800 back… can you shed light as to why containers are treated differently?

    1. In the JTR, it says this regarding advances:

      5196 FUNDS ADVANCE
      Except for USPHS, advance payment of an operating allowance is authorized for personally procured HHG
      transportation depending on the move type the member elects. Advance payment is authorized of:
      1. A monetary allowance, equal to the constructed expenses for transportation arranged under par. 5210D4.
      2. A monetary allowance, equal to the constructed expenses, NTE 100% of the GCC arranged under par. 5210-
      3. 60% of the monetary allowance under par. 5210-D5b.

      So yes you should be getting an advance of some sort if you request it unless there are some special circumstances. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t get 95% of the gov’t cost to move with containers. This is the first I’ve heard of that. Are you going to Alaska or OCONUS by chance? I looked through the Joint Travel Regulations (JTR) and couldn’t find anything specific but I’d advise looking through it and trying to find some answers if your TMO office can’t help. Either way, let me know what you find out!

  13. QUESTION: we are towing our car with the uhaul we are renting does the weigh from the car count towards the weigh in the truck?

    1. Unfortunately no, according to the Joint Travel Regulations Appendix A:

      “C. Not Authorized. HHG do NOT include:
      1. Accompanied personal baggage when carried free on commercial transportation;
      2. Automobiles, trucks, vans and similar motor vehicles;

  14. I am going to be doing a DITY move from Whiteman AFB to Vandenberg CA. I am moving on a humanitarian assignment and because of the short notice I am not financially prepared to pay upfront for moving expenses. I need to know what my options are for getting money up front to pay for this move. Can I use my GTC for payment?

    1. Sorry for the late reply! You can get an advance on the money you would get for the PCS. Here’s what the DFAS website says:
      “The amount of the advance will depend on a number of factors, such as distance between the old and new permanent duty stations weight of household goods, member’s rank, whether the member is using their government travel card on their PCS, etc. Member and dependent travelers can get up to 80% of per diem and mileage allowance if the government travel card is not being used, DLA equal to 100% of the anticipated entitlement, and PPM / DITY moves get an amount calculated by their transportation office.”
      Talk to your finance/TMO office for more details.

  15. Are the per diem, or malt amounts apart of the operating allowance advance?

    1. Sorry for the late reply! Yes I believe so. Here’s what I found on the DFAS website:
      “The amount of the advance will depend on a number of factors, such as distance between the old and new permanent duty stations weight of household goods, member’s rank, whether the member is using their government travel card on their PCS, etc. Member and dependent travelers can get up to 80% of per diem and mileage allowance if the government travel card is not being used, DLA equal to 100% of the anticipated entitlement, and PPM / DITY moves get an amount calculated by their transportation office.”

  16. We are moving oconus but are able to still do a PPM/dity because it is Alaska. We are authorized 13 travel days because it is 4263 miles.
    We just pcsd 4 months ago and I used your calculator then and we were paid the high end estimate for that one. It is giving me the same estimates for this move as for the prior move (under 2k miles).
    I know this says that oconus moves cannot be calculated with this but I don’t understand why when we will be driving it just like a conus pcs. Is it maybe an upper limit on mileage in the calculator? Can you help me figure out the correct estimate for an O3 w/dep at 14500 lbs for 4263 miles?
    Our method of moving is coming in around $17k which seems like a lot but is about double the 95% of gcc for about half the mileage of previous moves so it may still be doable but that price tag frightens me.

    1. Jessica,
      The calculator should be giving you a pretty good estimate for that PCS. It should work for Alaska, even though it is considered OCONUS. Are you using a rental truck or your own trailer?

  17. Can I use my Government Travel Card to pay for the Uhaul Truck?
    According to the new guidelines, I can. But I have read no.

    1. That’s a good question. I would say yes since it’s part of your official duty travel but I would check with TMO to make sure.

  18. I am PCSing from Ft. Bliss to Ft. Bragg. I would like to know if the calculator is what they give us to move up front? I have 4 kids and 2 vehicles, so a rental truck and trailor is essential.

    1. The calculator will tell you how much overall you will get. You can get a percentage of it upfront if you chose to, but you have to talk to your travel management office.

  19. Sir/Ma’am,
    I just read the JTR and man am I confused after going back and forth between the sections. I am retiring (currently overseas) and returning to NC to get all of my HHG that is in storage and moving to Key West. I will be taking my truck, HHG, and travel trailer (TT) with me. Am I authorized to claim the travel trailer towards the total weight? Empty and full? Thank you.

    1. John, sorry for the late reply. Trailers can be claimed as HHG if they follow these rules:

      8. Utility Trailer. A utility trailer, with or without a tilt bed, with a single axle, and an overall length of no
      more than 12 feet (from rear to trailer hitch), and no wider than 8 feet (outside tire to outside tire). Side rails/
      body no higher than 28 inches (unless detachable) and ramp/gate for the utility trailer no higher than 4 feet
      (unless detachable). ”

      To me this sounds like enclosed trailers wouldn’t be eligible, if that’s what you have.

      If you have an RV or camping trailer of some sort it is considered ineligible to be counted as HHG and you won’t get reimbursed:

      “Not Authorized:
      5. Recreational Vehicles (to include a camper, camping trailer , 5th wheel camper or self- propelled recreational

  20. I am currently in the process of PCSing with training en route to final duty station. My wife, however, will not be joining me until after I’ve been at my final duty station for several months. The plan will be to move all belongings at that time. I was wondering if I can still do a DITY move under these circumstances?

    1. Sorry for the late reply. From what I’m reading, yes you should be able to do that.

      D. Subsequent HHG Transportation. If a member does not transport the authorized HHG weight allowance to a
      new PDS, a later shipment may be transported from a former PDS using a combination of orders if the HHG:
      1. Were in the member’s possession before the PCS order effective date from the PDS from which the HHG
      were not transported, and
      2. Previously transported HHG plus the HHG being transported do not exceed the authorized PCS HHG weight
      allowance on the PCS order effective date from the former station.

      Basically you can only move stuff you had before you got your PCS orders and the total amount of stuff you move can’t be over your authorized HHG weight allowance. Check with your local TMO office to confirm!

  21. I just turned my paper work in and got the packet for the dity move, how do I go about receiving the other entitlements? Is that after I turn the paper work into my next duty station?

    1. That’s correct. You’ll turn in your weight tickets and receipts to TMO after you check in to your next base. Then you’ll get reimbursed for moving your HHG along with any DLA, MALT, and pier diem allowances.

  22. I have completed all of the forms for a ppm. They are moving our belongings from Salt Lake City to Quantico in a upack container. I am flying out from a different state. Will we be given any of the allowances such as DLA and per diem? Should I take a bus or train instead? Is that how you would make a profit on the move? Or is there any way for us to obtain the DLA and per diem ? Thank you!

    1. You should absolutely receive DLA. The only time you won’t receive DLA is if it’s a move to your first duty station or your last move after separation/retirement. You will also receive per diem for the travel days, which I’m guessing would only be one since you are flying. If you really wanted to save money and make a profit than driving with all your stuff is your best option. Taking a train or bus wouldn’t be any better than flying because when you move by commercial means the gov’t will only pay for the cost of transportation.

  23. I’ve locked in a place and have an address that my wife and I are moving to but its not my HOR, would I still be eligible for reimbursement?

  24. I am PCSing from overseas to conus. I am using TMO to pickup my household goods here. Is it possible to do a home of record personally procured move once I arrive at my next base?

    1. I’m not sure I understand your situation…Are you asking if you can move your stuff yourself after it gets shipped overseas to the states?

  25. Can you include a section for pro-gear (pbp&e) and how that factors into the costs? I’m going through this right now with TMO about future pcs’ing and if pro-gear is factored into DITY moves. They (TMO) couldn’t give me a straight answer, so they gave me a quote with and without pro-gear. Strange. For reference, pro-gear is 2000lbs for the member and 500lbs for the spouse and not counted against the weight (when done by a moving company) during a pcs. I’m an E-5 so I get 9k for hhg, 2k for pro gear, and 500lbs for spouse pro gear when we let the movers pack everything, but no one can answer if pro gear is paid/factored for DITY moves. Help!

    1. I can find nothing in the Joint Travel Regulations that says pro-gear would be treated any differently for a DITY move. It says “PBP&E is transported in the same manner as HHG, including incident to separation, relief from active duty or retirement, but is not charged against the authorized weight allowances in par. 5200 or UB limit in par. 5210-B.” This sounds to me like it would not be counted against your weight limit when doing a DITY.

  26. How does it work if we got an advanced operating allowance for a PPM move for 14,000 pounds but our weight was NOT that much. Do we still submit a claim since technically we got paid more than what the estimated costs were?

    1. Sorry for getting back to you so late! This is a tricky one…I would talk to your TMO office and explain what happened. I don’t want to give you bad info.

  27. This is our first move, my husband only filled out the paperwork for the uhaul and not for the car. We are driving both. If we save all of the weight tickets and gas receipts will they still reimburse us for the car?

    1. Sorry for getting back to you so late. If you own the car, you will get paid MALT for driving your own car (which compensates for fuel usage). You should also get reimbursed for any weight you transport in the car, provided you submit both the empty and full weight tickets. You should be able to submit all the paperwork when you arrive.

  28. If your HHG is 12,500lbs but for the your allowance is 10,000lbs do they still pay you for the 2,500lbs

    1. Unfortunately no. The Joint Travel Regulation states:
      “The member is financially responsible for all transportation costs as a result of:
      a. Exceeding the authorized weight allowance;
      b. Transportation between other than authorized locations;
      c. Transportation of articles that are not HHG (See App A1 for HHG);”

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